Since 1994 J & L Research has had the experience of seeking out and finding a large number of the lost shareholders in many of the major UK FTSE top 100 Companies.

We do not "cherry pick" but continue to look for the asset holder as an ongoing task, as we are always finding new methods of seeking out these lost investors.

We are fully aware of Data Protection and also that in contacting a company's shareholders we have a duty and responsibility to the plc to behave in a gentle and principled manner.

It is for that reason that the method that J & L Research uses is somewhat different to others: everything is done on trust. When we find the asset holder, we simply tell him the full details of the asset and rely on his integrity to tell us whether or not he was aware that the shares are still outstanding and we accept his word without reservation.

Whilst others may question this, we have found that in general the type of person who has lost track of a particular shareholding is often elderly or widowed and is not inclined to want to get involved with contracts, etc. Everything we do is done, if appropriate, on a personal basis.

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Why Companies Use Us

We are proud that over the years our expertise and ability to find the most elusive shareholder has increased and we have been shown to be persistent.

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Tracing Shareholders

Companies should actively trace those people whose dividends have not been cashed, or who have become lost dissentient shareholders.

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