"Why choose us?" A reasonable question. Why should a major plc ask J & L Research to trace their lost shareholders and not use their own registrar’s division to carry out that exercise? The answer is that we are specialists. We do not cherry pick, have an excellent track record and we are prepared to persevere. It is in our interest to conduct the work successfully, but always with due diligence and care ensuring that both the shareholder and the company are happy with the outcome.

We also make regular reports to the PLC on progress, yet have frequently found that the shareholders themselves will write directly to the company to thank them.

There is also, in our view, another factor that significantly sets J & L Research apart from the registrars. Over the years we have found that often the type of person who has lost track of a particular shareholding may be elderly or widowed, and who may find official-looking standardised letters off-putting and potentially suspect. We have the flexibility and are prepared to take the extra time to adopt a more tailored personal approach and in our experience the ability to adopt a more bespoke process leads to significantly better results.


Tracing Shareholders

Companies should actively trace those people whose dividends have not been cashed, or who have become lost dissentient shareholders.

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How We Work

J & L Research has had the experience of seeking out a large number of the lost shareholders in many of the major UK FTSE top 100 Companies.

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Get in touch if you believe we may be able to help you locate lost shares or shareholders. Or if you have any questions.

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