J & L Research are
specialists in tracing
lost shareholders

Our specialist service
helps companies and individuals
recover ownership of lost shares


Unclaimed 12 year old
dividends can be
legally forfeited

J & L Research help people
recover lost assets
that are rightfully theirs


Specialists in tracing
lost shares and
unclaimed assets

The largest independant company
providing this service
in the UK


J & L Research are the specialists in this narrow field of tracing lost shareholders and are the largest independent firm doing this work in the UK.

We have been tracing lost shareholders since 1994 and work with a number of major UK publicly quoted companies. Those companies have an interest in finding their missing shareholders as the shares remain the property of the shareholder in perpetuity.

Lost Shares

Shareholdings can get lost, mislaid or overlooked in many ways. Learn about the different ways shares get lost and how we can help you recover them.

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Why Companies Use Us

We are proud that over the years our expertise and ability to find the most elusive shareholder has increased and we have been shown to be persistent.

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Get in touch if you believe we may be able to help you locate lost shares or shareholders. Or if you have any questions.

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