There are many reasons why companies should actively trace those people who for three or four years, have not cashed their dividends, have had documents undelivered, or may have simply become a dissentient with no current address Certainly, the sooner that work is done to contact those shareholders, the easier it is, with consequently a greater chance of success

First and foremost it is the correct and ethical thing to do. These lost shareholders are investors who once placed their faith in the company and by the plc demonstrating that effort has been put in to finding such lost shareholders; it will show not only to the individuals but also to other investors that the company places an emphasis on considering their investors in all circumstances.

By using J & L Research there is no cost to the plc and the shareholder only pays a fee if he tells us verbally, without a written contract that he did not know that the shares were still outstanding. If he genuinely did not have any knowledge of the shareholding, he will not mind paying a commission as the recovered investment is an unexpected windfall.

When "gone away" shareholders do tell us that they knew of the holding we send them a "template" letter to sign and post to the registrars requesting that their new address be registered, and that any retained dividends are reissued. Obviously, we do not charge in these circumstances.


How We Work

J & L Research has had the experience of seeking out a large number of the lost shareholders in many of the major UK FTSE top 100 Companies.

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Why Companies Use Us

We are proud that over the years our expertise and ability to find the most elusive shareholder has increased and we have been shown to be persistent.

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